Havelock, Ontario

Fence post

From its humble beginnings as a settlement to a notorious bank robbery, Havelock has a captivating story to tell. The region's colonial history traces back to 1823 when Belmont and Methuen Township were surveyed, attracting a wave of settlers to the area. These early pioneers laid the foundation for what would eventually become the vibrant community we know today as Havelock. In 1892, Havelock achieved a significant milestone by incorporating as an independent village. The village was named after the renowned British general, Sir Henry Havelock. Fast forward to 1961, when Havelock became the setting for one of the most notorious bank robberies in Canadian history. The Havelock branch of the Toronto-Dominion Bank was targeted, leaving the community in shock. The audacity and scale of the robbery captured national attention, and it remains a captivating tale even to this very day.

Car and field

Field and fence


Tin barn

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